Friday, February 6, 2009

Wedding Cake Buildings and the Stoneblossom Connection!

Check out this fantasmagoric Wedding Cake House in Kennebunk Maine!

Stoneblossom owners Joyce and Steve couldn't help but stop and grab shots of "the most photographed building in Maine" en route to grab tasty lobster rolls!!!

The romantic legend has it that a newly married Sea Captain did the carving during long, lonely hours aboard ship - having to leave for sea before even having time to eat his wedding cake!
In actuality the plaque on the side door tells us that "In 1825 the shipbuilder George Washington Bourne brought his bride, Jane, to this new brick Federal-style house. Inspired by Milan's Gothic Cathedral, Bourne started the house decorations in 1852, using only hand tools.
He completed the work shortly before his death. By century's close, the name "Wedding Cake House" was widely applied. It was completely refurbished in 1983-1984 by Mary and Anne Burnett, first owners of the house not in the family"
It's an amazing gem - imagine - completely carved by hand!!!!

On another continent, we did a party a few summers back at what's fondly nicknamed the Wedding Cake Building in Rome.

It's the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument built by Guiseppe Sacconi beginning in 1895. Its all pure white marble and this Corinthian-columned structure can be seen from almost anywhere in Rome.
There is no elevator and of course our event was on the top of the monument so guests could enjoy the amazing 360 degree view of the city!
The "Kafeteria" on top is what you might expect - a spot where tourists grab a burger - except we were creating an exclusive dinner for 200 guests there! Think lots of draping and fabulous plants - not to mention great party lighting to achieve total transformation!
We needed to deliver everything - draping, flowers, the works - by 7:00 am, and then arranged the florals on site. Honest to gawd the sun on the marble was a good 115 degrees.
By party time things had cooled down and Dennis and John had totally glammed it up thanks to a great support crew.
Leaving the breakdown staff in place they ran down the steps one last time - and hopped a flight to Venice to get a party done next night at La Fenice - the Venice Opera!

And that's a whole blog of its own!!!


Amod said...

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Franki V said...

A wedding at the "wedding cake" would be something beyond incredible! Are there any photos of that particular event?