Friday, February 6, 2009

Obsessed with MARTHA!

Stoneblossom pal Helene Shapiro simply can't get enough! She's been to the Martha Stewart Show 12 times - now on a first name basis with the whole Martha gang! She and her friends get tickets online and invite each other as they snag them. Here she is with Stoneblossom Lead Designer Dennis Delsignore back in NY last week for one more round!!!

The wacky bunch took the Amtrack in and were blown away by the new Shrek the Musical on Broadway. In the know with a cast member, they even caught a backstage tour! The temptation to try on the racks of costumes must have been tough!

Next day they were off to the Martha Studio on W. 26th. An hour and a half in frigid temps in line - but they snagged first row seats. Here's Dennis with Joey Kola. He's a terrific stand up comedian in his own right. For Martha, as he also did for Rosie, he gets the crowd organized and all fired up - and makes sure everyone oohs and ahhs on cue!

Here's MARTHA!

The rest of the gang - Michael, Sandra and Paolo

Now to fully understand the depth of the obsession, Helene had noted that the previous week's show featured great eats at recession prices in the East Village. She convinced the gang to check it out on Martha's authority and ended up at Porchetta on E 7th Street for tasty, tasty roast pork sandwiches. And of course the whirlwind NY junket wouldn't have been complete without a bit of sweetness to cap it off at a Martha-must-go dessert place.

If you'd like to follow in Helene's footsteps click here to register online for show tix!

We love you Helene!!!

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