Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We just can't wait till SPRING!!!
It won't be long till we'll be working again with that can't-be-beat, gorgeous, fragrant, textural, delicate, luscious gift that are the flowers of spring!
This unique, casually elegant wedding showcases the best of the season.

Scented geranium enhanced the already heady fragrance of our Stoneblossom bouquets. We slipped in a few purple mokara orchids. The color was perfect.

Bridesmaids' bouquets were all unique.

This charming soiree took place at the historic Smith Abbleby House and Museum, a colonial RI gem built in 1696. We loved the rough-around the edges colonial look!

Wedding This Way!

Luminarias accented the New England stone walls. Magical after dark!

Angelic glamour against the rough-hewn backdrop!

Tulip and scented geranium boutonniere.

If only those fluffy peonies were available year round!!!

This shot on the little dock by the pond says it all....

Placecards set into wheatgrass with Olde English calligraphy

Classical music the perfect enhancement to the casual setting. Bass against Barn...

The Stoneblossom creative team was totally inspired by the venue and Bride's vision. Some creative chainsaw details:

The informality of Ball Jars overflowing with peonies, spirea and viburnum

And they were the perfect vessel for hanging votives in the tent and trees all around. 

The final memorable detail - hand-carved twiggy pencils in a bushel basket!

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