Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vegas or Bust!

We recently did a corporate event at the fabulous Wynn Las Vegas. 
Take it from us, there's a whole lotta walking involved  when working in Sin City.  While it seems getting together dinner for 700 in a glam Vegas Casino is every event designer's dream - think again! Vegas is so BIG! 
We timed it! 20 minutes from room to workspace. 20 minutes from workspace to ballroom. If you forget your scissors or knife - 40 minutes to go grab 'em!
We've got lots of photos to share in a forthcoming blog. Boxes and boxes of feathers and boas! Above is Buzzy who helped us pack!!!


Flowergirlz said...

I can't wait to see these pictures and I am in love with Buzzy! So glamorous!

Anonymous said...

J'taime amour Buzzy!


Lynn McCarthy said...

I love you Buzzy

xo Love, Auntie Lynn