Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lemon Grass!

Michelle Obama confirmed it! It has been predicted for months that the hottest new color trend this coming season would be yellow, and our First Lady's Inaguration ensemble underscored it. The designer, Isabel Toledo, called it Lemon Grass. We loved it, especially that she chose those J Crew gloves in "Stoneblossom Green"! You go girl!!

On another note, yellow popped up again this morning on our Today Show watch. Those florals behind Matt and Meredith are always fashion forward. Their designer has been arranging in glass cubes for awhile now, with tropicals squeezing out the Martha Stewart English garden look (they also hold up better under those hot lights). Today's designs were a fun combo of green anthuriums, orange mokara orchids and a great pop of callas in lemon yellow!

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