Saturday, January 31, 2009

Floral Class was a Blast!

Today was our first Floral Design class of the season: Floral Design Demystified. We had 14 students and they did a terrific job!

Today's was such a hit we are considering doing others in March and April. We'd like your feedback and interest. Check the possibilities at the end of today's blog and let us know what you'd like to learn about!!!

Stoneblossom's proprietor Joyce Holland gave a tour of our showroom, offices and workspace and we settled in with coffee and pastry before getting down to the work at hand.

The showroom:
International Designer John Orton chaired the class, assisted by Naomi Garcia and Sherry Scott - two other heavy hitters from our talented staff.

The informative, hands-on workshop was designed to cover the basics. John began by encouraging a "loosen up" mindset - forgoing perfectionism and fussy placement in favor of creating focal points and making designs that reflect personal style.
"We all see and perceive things differently" John explained. "There is no right and wrong. What I think is fabulous may be totally not what my client had in mind!"

Composition, Balance, Texture, Focal Points and Eye Movement - and Color Inspirations were covered as areas to think about when designing. "I'm sure that at the end of our class we will have all used the provided materials in very different ways - which is what makes life so wonderful!"

Participants check out a design for an event....

Mechanics was the meat of the discussion. "A beautiful design is all well and good - but if it won't stay together from design shelf to table - or if the flowers are unable to soak up water - you're in trouble!" They chose from a variety of containers. There was also the choice of whether to design in floral foam - or the much more challenging taped grid-work to design in water in a wide-mouthed container.

Checking out the containers:

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! "The element of surprise is what makes your piece memorable!" So important! Fun, interesting or unexpected elements incorporated into your design - or even in the detailing of the rest of your tabletop - make for lasting memories of your work.

Check out some of the terrific work. GREAT JOB!

Love the soft palette and tulips massed together

Courageous! Suzanne Nolter from Block Island chose to design in water

We'd love to do more interactive and informative workshops in March and April. Possible topics might include:


INTENSIVE WEDDING WORKSHOP: Soup to nuts, you would be involved in the proposal, recipe and ordering process. Become familiar with the Wholesale Flower Market, assist in processing, setting up and designing the flowers and bouquets. The course will culminate in delivery and set-up of the glamorous wedding! Multiple classes. Stoneblossom Staff

INTRO TO FLORAL DESIGN: Processing, flower care, mechanics, composition. Hands on basic design. Single or multiple classes. STAFF

ADVANCED FLORAL DESIGN: We by-pass the basics and focus on intensive design training and styles. Single or multiple classes. STAFF

THE BIZ: Turn your PASSION INTO PROFIT with Joyce Holland! We artistic types are notorious for adding those extra perfect touches - and end up paying our clients to do their wedding!!! Joyce has an an amazing viable business model that might actually produce a paycheck! Single Class.

TOUR THE WHOLESALE MARKET: Take an exclusive tour of RI's Wholesale Flower Market. We'll tour the hardgood aisles explaining all the tricks of the trade. Peruse the fresh flower department and learn about importing and how we buy. Enjoy the lush greenhouses, with one time access to the plant material florists purchase from. You'll enjoy a one-time wholesale purchase so bring your checkbooks or credit cards!

BEGINNING AND ADVANCED BOUQUETS AND PERSONAL FLOWERS: The how-to's of this very specialized and important part of the wedding business. Naomi Garcia has designed almost all of the beyond amazing bouquets featured on Learn from the best!

DO IT YOURSELF!: In today's world, sometimes hiring a professional is just not a budgetary option. We are considering a possible series of workshops covering all facets of the do-it-yourself affair. The class would be open to Brides and their friends only, with lots of one on one advice from the experts! Numerous specialized classes.

GLAMOUR ON THE ROAD: Dennis Delsignore and John Orton have been designing amazing events for Fortune 500 companies around the world for 15 years, including four Olympic Games and parties from the top of the Swiss Alps to the Opera Houses of Paris and Venice. Hear them share their stories and enjoy some of the glamorous table settings as they take you around the world and back! Single Class.

SPECIAL EVENT DECOR: If budget permits, many of our clients want to create amazing "environments" for their events. We can show you the ins and outs of turning a tent into a ballroom, a mundane space into a New York Lounge.... Single Class

LIGHTING! Make your party WORLD CLASS!: We can't stress enough the importance of lighting in transforming your tent or hotel ballroom into the most magical, unforgettable space ever! Tony Ormonde of Ormonde Productions adds the drama to many of our events - painting with light - enhancing what you want guests to see - or not see! Single Class with great visuals!

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please leave comments or suggestions here on the blog or email me at:



Mr. Beans said...

WOW!!!!! It has been pleasure meeting these wonderful and talented people. Just being exposed to their energy and talent has helped me look at the world around me differently.

Attending their classes will do the same for anyone who participates. Whether its a beginner class or learning tips for a party you are hosting their experience, style, and stories will help you make you see things differently too.

Adizat said...

These are really class suggestions which are not usually available every where. Will this classes be structured so that those who are out of state can attend?