Monday, December 7, 2009

More Great Work from "Beginning to Bloom"

Another group of budding florists joined us here at Stoneblossom for another round of "Beginning to Bloom" through RI School of Design Continuing Ed - and a creative and talented bunch they were!
Check out the detail above from the arrangement below. Beets with their tops trimmed provided not only the element of surprise - but unique color and a "wow - what's that?".

The homework challenge was to go foraging - and then select a container to fit the pickins OR pick a container that inspires and then off to the backyard, vacant lot or woods! Fruit vegetables or other natural ingredients could be added but purchasing flowers was off limits!

Difficult to see in the photo of this antique basket below, but wonderful bottles and other containers created a collage within.

Fall display in chocolate, black and ecru...

This fun large display was created on a platter atop a table frame. Sumac and pomegranates added the important pop of focal color.

We all loved this winner above in the most creative category. Just fabulous! Click on it to better appreciate the ingredients.

Check out the unique hand-painted fish by the designer in this one. It was arranged in a driftwood-lined glass container with sand at the base. A mini seaside painting with tiny slatted beach fence detail finished this unique piece.

A study in succulents with kale...

This elegant winner was voted most saleable. Again - enlarge to take in all of the wonderful components beautifully used.

This was the overall fave! The huge (and heavy) hollow stump was found at a screeching halt along a roadside - then rolled down the hill! It's just chock full of luscious ingredients, not the least of which was the skate fish egg casing draping in the foreground.

Porcelina berries pick up the blue/green here in a magical way.

John Orton and Dennis Delsignore are the class instructors. Here's part of the creative gang during the critique by John.

Here are our winners for the homework challenge.
Great job!
Beginning to Bloom is the introductory course in the Floral Artistry Institute. It's taught by Stoneblossom staff through RISD CE. It's a series of 6 classes ending with a certificate of completion.
Space is still available for another Beginning to Bloom that will be offered in January. There are still a few spots left for the Wonderful Wedding Florals class as well. View the offerings online by clicking here

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