Saturday, June 6, 2009

L'Hotel Ritz and the Chocolate Factory!

It's French Open Finals Weekend at Roland Garros - and it brings back fond memories of Paris and Stoneblossom adventures in the bowels of the infamous Paris Ritz!

A corporate client flew us in for their VIP program where guests enjoyed the tennis by day and 5 star dining by night. Unfortunately no images exist as it was pre-digital, but needless to say those world renown restaurants never looked so glam!

We needed a workspace to do our thing and the only cubby they could spare was the chocolate factory - three floors under Le Place Vendome. Steeped in history, chocolates were made here for kings queens and princes - but for us we were happy to have water and a fridge!

Rungis - the amazing Paris wholesale market - is just out of this world - especially on this Spring weekend!! Farms from all over France bring in bucketloads of peonies, garden roses, fabulous bundles of herbs and spring foraging delights. We were grateful that we payed attention in high school French as at least we knew our numbers and Non et Oui -  although a form of charades seems always inevitable when shopping in foreign markets!

These corporate jaunts are certainly a thing of the past but it sure was grand creating flowers en Paris with Bruce Springsteen in the suite to our left and a Saudi Sheik in the suite to our right. A word to the wise when staying at L'Hotel Ritz - beware! Those delectable room service Pommes Frites (French Fries) are $50.00 a plate!

Stoneblossom would love to provide the the GLAM wherever your very special event may be!!!

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