Monday, December 22, 2008

Onward to Spring!!!

The shortest day of the year is passed!

We've been shoveling out here in the Northeast!
One of our annual Holiday bashes took place on Saturday - and not only did we get our White Christmas - we watched the best numbers from the movie after much holiday cheer! The blue-feathered "Sisters" pictured above with Rosemary Clooney and Vera Allen is particularly campy. And it doesn't get much better than Bing Crosby crooning away, snow flying, with those who worked so hard together all season all around you. 

It's no surprise that a creative gang that makes fabulous visual statements are also great cooks. One in our midst took his famed meatloaf to a competition on The View - which we all got to sample!  Perhaps we can coax him to share the recipe.... The desserts were to die for!

There's so little time during the crazy season to stop and appreciate the wonderful people that make the magic all happen. We've got the best team ever and are so grateful for all that they do to make every special Stoneblosssom client's day something they'll never forget! It was so great to all be together and chill.

So onward to Spring!!!  We've had crocus bloom as early as February 1st which is a mere 6 weeks away!!!

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